Integrating MIT’s design resources and engaging the community in a culture of design thinking and design doing.

Design Club

The Design Club is MIT Sloan’s focal point for all things related to design. Being a member of the Design Club is a fun way to get to know classmates who share an interest in all aspects of design and to build new skills in a relaxed and low-risk environment.

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Thinking + Doing

MIT's motto is "Mens et Manus" which means "Mind and Hand". For us, that translates to Design Thinking (applying the design methodology to a variety of business challenges) and Design Doing (creating things for fun and/or making useful prototypes).

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What We Do

Join DesignWorks, compete in the Rotman Design Challenge, learn about careers in the design space, attend panels and speaker series, get your hands dirty in craft workshops, make stuff at the MIT Fabrication Lab, and much more!


Student Testimonials

User research and prototyping are becoming essential business skills. This is a great place to meet like-minded students and apply these skills at Sloan.
— MBA Student 2017
As a member, I was able to participate in amazing events like DesignWorks, form a team for the Rotman Design Challenge, and learn about recruiting opportunities from fellow Sloanies.
— MBA Student 2015
I loved getting to know other students who share my interests and learn from them how to apply design thinking to business problems. I highly recommend the club.
— MBA Student 2014